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Xamcor M&A Sale Process

Xamcor’s Sale process is logical but detail oriented. It has been refined, perfected and proven over several decades. It fully supports and validates the your goals as seller to obtaining the highest possible sale valuation, accompanied by favorable and precise terms and conditions. 

Xamcor’s typical process is broken down into 3 key stages: 

     Phase I. Market Valuation

     Before creating a Proposal and a Sale Mandate Agreement, Xamcor provides the seller a no cost Market Valuation Report, 

     based on the sellers information provided to Xamcor under NDA. This brings about goal alignment for all parties.

     Phase II. Proposal and Project Plan
     Once our selling client is in agreement with the valuation range, we move forward and created a detailed M&A Plan and 

     Proposal, customized for your unique needs and requirements.

     Phase III. Preparation & Outreach to Buyers     We fully prepare your company’s information, present it in a high quality way,  and reach out to well qualified buyers. We are         with you all the way from approach, through letter of intent, and to deal closing. The above steps are a typical process flow, although some may be consolidated or adjusted depending on the buyers and sellers needs.

The question we are most often asked is “How long will this process take?” While we would like to be precise, there are many factors that can either expedite or delay a company sale. A major factor is, how prepared are you to sell your business? The timing range we have seen varies widely. We have had deals close in 4 months or less, and we have had deals take over 1 year to conclude. The key is to work closely with us and begin  preparation for an M&A Sale as far in advance as possible.

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