Xamcor offers a variety of services to a diverse     
range of clients in the Information Management sector. 
All these services are targeted at successful buy or sell transactions, quality exit planning, and strategic M&A consulting services.

M&A Buy Side

With years of M&A experience, Xamcor is well positioned to assist companies in executing their growth strategies through strategic acquisitions. Our strong global sector knowledge allows us to find the right acquisition targets to add real value to your company. Our unique matching process allows us to present companies to you that both compliment your strategy and also allow you to gain location presence and market share.

M&A Sell Side

Xamcor is ideally positioned to assist you in achieving your exit goals. We spend the time to understand your company, your solutions, and your unique value proposition. We then “package” all this information into a form that makes clear sense to global buyers. Our strong knowledge base allows us to approach the key global strategic buyers who will value your business and provide you with a profitable exit.

Determining the Right Exit Strategy

Developing an in-depth understanding of your needs and goals is fundamental
to the way we work with you

Are you thinking of selling your business?

For many business owners car exiting the business is a once in a lifetime event and one of those important decisions you’ll ever make. An exit strategy represents for the legacy and the rewards for what a business owner has built.

Xamcor can help! Our goal is to make sure that you navigate to rain successfully by helping you understand exit options, preparing you for the exit planning process, advising you throughout that process.

Determining the right Exit Strategy is a combination of listening to your needs and goals, analyzing your specific business, and understanding key industry trends. There are multiple options for an Exit Strategy. You may already know the direction you want to take, or may want a top-down review of the various paths that are available. Whatever your starting point, we explain your options, as well as the impact of those options, both in terms of the value you can realize and the potential tax consequences.

To best analyze your business, we employ a straightforward but thorough process that begins by asking you to complete a Business Owner Profile and supply us with standard financial data. Once we have reviewed the data in-house, we then set up a conference with you where we can discuss all of your information in depth. Based on your input and our analysis of your business and your industry, we will not only create an Exit Plan, but also execute that plan though our global network of clients and buyers.

If you only want to plan ahead, but not realize your full Exit Strategy at this time, we can put you on the right path. If you are ready to proceed, we are ready to counsel and advise you until the sale or transfer of ownership process is complete.

Xamcor is Your Trusted Advisor
We provide sound advice and a unique integrated approach that helps you realize the full value of your business

Xamcor knows from experience that when it comes to plan for and execute an Exit Strategy, small and medium businesses do not have the same resources available to them as large global enterprises.  Many large financial buyers do not understand and appreciate the unique nature of the business owner,  and your company does not have the deep support team required for an exit, nor the knowledge on how to best present your financial results in the best possible light (such as the identification/cleaning of any special “owner type” remunerations and/or one time type of expenses) to increase potential corporate valuations.

At Xamcor, we are not only experts in the field of Exit Planning, but advocates for your success. Throughout every step of the process, we are looking for ways to maximize your reward and minimize your risk. We don’t want to just put any plan in place, but the best plan for you.

Xamcor becomes your team, providing advice and direction based on years of success and experience working with business owners. We own your success along with you, and are motivated to stay the course until your profitable exit is complete.