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As global software and services companies seek growth by entering new markets, new geographies, or new technology sectors, mergers and acquisitions become critical tools.

Xamcor’s ranges of services help companies achieve their growth or exit goals while fully understanding and 

managing all risks and benefits. These services allow our clients to concentrate on its day-to-day business activities, driving enhanced company revenue and higher valuations.

Xamcor knows the market well, leverages decades of experience and working with high level contacts to successfully achieve and exceed your M&A goals.












With decades of experience, Xamcor teams with our clients and becomes a Trusted Partner to achieve all their goals and objectives.

M&A Sell Side Services

Xamcor’s expertise and market knowledge helps our clients achieve their maximum valuation and optimum deal value through quality planning; long relationships with strategic buyers, and the best negotiating skills possible.

We understand that selling a company can be the most important decision that you as a seller will ever make.  We are there with you throughout the entire process, making it more manageable and assuring you understand every step along the way.

Unlike larger firms, our senior partners are actively involved. We know both the industry, the sector, and how to get a deal done.

Most important, our agreements are low risk, simple to understand, and based upon a successful deal for you.

Exit Planning Services

Xamcor works closely with you and your company to assist in planning a strategic and profitable exit. Using our decades of experience and market knowledge, our goal is to fully prepare your company for exiting at the highest possible valuation along with optimum deal terms.

Many business leaders have worked hard to create and build a successful business. Our focus is to be sure you as a business owner is rewarded for all the hard work and “sweat equity” you have created in your business.

Careful and thorough planning is the proven key to a successful exit. Whether the horizon is several years or several months before exit, we work diligently to get the best results for you.

M&A Buy Side Services

Xamcor Xamcor spends time understanding your needs as a buyer. We assist buyer clients in finding the best strategic fit for their business at the optimum deal value. Using our extensive global database of companies, as well as our deep relationships with hundreds of key technology and service providers, we find opportunities that many others are unaware of. 

With our client, we create an Ideal Target Profile, and assess each possible acquisition partner via that Profile. The net result is a choice of possible opportunities that match the buyers short and long term goals and objectives.

By working with Xamcor, strategic buyers avoid the “valuation escalation” that sellers create when a strategic buyer is identified upfront.

M&A Advisory

Xamcor teams with our clients to assist them in planning an optimal M&A strategy to assure maximization of their revenue and earnings.


This strategic planning can involve identifying the best acquisition opportunities, planning growth, and eventually, selling the new and enhanced entity.


We assist our partners in all strategic planning aspects, and execute their M&A tactics as a partner. Our Advisory and Planning Services will help improve short and long term results, as well as the best return on your investment.





Our decades of experience, our strong global network, and our proven business processes combine to create a successful track record in achieving superior results for both buyers and sellers 

At Xamcor, we share your goals of creating successful transactions and deals with the highest potential for your company success at the lowest risk. All our team plays an active role in the process. As specialists, we know the industry trends and we can effectively identify the right companies and contacts to assure your success.

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