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As the needs of the Information Management industry undergo structural change, M&A becomes  key to managing a company’s  evolution. Xamcor has been valued by strategic buyers for their specialization and focus gained over many decades. Xamcor understands that to be successful, an acquisition must dovetail with a buyers needs and strategy. Xamcor’s Buy Mandate Process is tailored to understand a buyers needs. It fully supports your goal of finding the optimum strategic fit for your business, one that will meet all your business objectives at a favorable valuation. 


Phase I. Understanding a Buyers Short Term and Long Term Strategic Goals

 Before creating a Proposal and a Buy Mandate Agreement, Xamcor works closely with you,  the buyer, to understand your needs,  goals and objectives, both for the business as well as for any possible acquisitions. 
Phase II. Proposal and Project Plan

Once we understand your strategy, tactics and goals, we create a detailed M&A Plan and Proposal. 


Phase III. Preparation of Ideal Acquisition Profile & Outreach to Sellers

Together, we create an Ideal Acquisition Profile; the IAP becomes the key criteria Xamcor uses to find target sellers. We work to      match every possible opportunity to the IAP, and rank and score each opportunity based on the conformance to the IAP. We drive the entire process to closing, with you involved every step of the way.


 The above steps are a typical process flow. In many cases, some may be consolidated or adjusted depending on the buyers and sellers needs.

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