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LuraTech on course for international expansion thanks to new ownership

LuraTech on course for international expansion thanks to new ownership

Xamcor Inc, served as the sole M&A Advisor to Luratech for this deal

LuraTech Imaging GmbH has a new owner in the form of Foxit Software. The Berlin-based company, known in particular for its award-winning compression technology with a broad customer base, will have additional resources to rely on in future, particularly in the American and Asian markets. Development will continue uninterrupted on LuraTech’s products, chief among them its flagship product the PDF Compressor, and the company’s Berlin and Remscheid offices will continue to operate with the exact same team.

“For our customers, this change in ownership will mean total continuity for them, while we take advantage of Foxit’s technology and resources in order to provide them with an expanded range of solutions, delivered faster than ever”, said LuraTech’s Executive Director Carsten Heiermann. “The whole team, including our subsidiary offices, will remain exactly the same, and the business plan we developed for the coming year will still be implemented.”

The takeover offers attractive prospects for LuraTech to gain a firmer foothold in the international market. “Foxit Software is particularly well-represented in America and Asia – markets which, until now, we were able to serve to only a limited extent”, said Heiermann.

Both companies will also see their product portfolios expand as a result of the deal. “Foxit’s solutions allow users to seamlessly collaborate and make use of documents on any device”, said Phil Lee, Vice President of Sales at Foxit Software. “Together with LuraTech’s PDF products, we are able to serve all requirements within the PDF ecosystem.” This is because LuraTech’s products address businesses’ needs for server-side solutions.

Xamcor Inc, served as the sole M&A Advisor to Luratech for this deal. “Xamcor proved to be a valuable partner in working with LuraTech and key to make this deal happen” said Carsten Heiermann, CEO of LuraTech. “Their market knowledge, M&A expertise, persistence and deal closing skills were essential to this ultimate success”