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Search Technologies Releases New Version of Aspire Content Processing System

Search Technologies Releases New Version of Aspire Content Processing System

New UI and Workflow of Aspire 2.0 delivers improved usability. Hadoop integration provides more power.

Search Technologies announced today the release of Aspire 2.0, a major new version of its content processing system. Aspire is specifically designed for handling unstructured data, providing a powerful solution for connectivity, cleansing, normalization, enhancement, analysis, and publishing of human-generated content to both search engines and Big Data applications.

Major new features in Aspire 2.0 include: Improved workflow for creating content processing applications; a dynamic new user interface; and the option to implement Aspire on Hadoop.

In Search Technologies’ experience, poor content processing is the leading cause of ROI under-performance, relevancy issues and complexity-creep in sophisticated search applications.

“Aspire has been an invaluable tool for building great search solutions for our customers. It has enabled us to deliver better and more reliable solutions, in less time,” said Kamran Khan, CEO of Search Technologies. “Aspire 2.0 is the first release aimed at both our own consulting engineering team, and at 3rd party integrators. We believe that the diligent processing of unstructured content is a vital aspect of search system building, and will also play a key part in gaining value from Big Data.”

A community version of this new release is freely available for download. Aspire users include multiple US government agencies, a growing range of leading publishers, and numerous Fortune 5000 companies. Aspire customers include Xerox, CPA, and Reed Business International.