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Compart expands into Latin America

Compart expands into Latin America

Cooperation with Exímia in Brazil

Compart and the Brazilian supplier of solutions and professional services for multi-channel communication, Exímia Tecnología, headquartered in São Paulo, have entered into a sales and technology partnership. The purpose of the cooperation is the joint marketing of Compart solutions in Brazil.

Flávio Costa, CEO of Exímia: “Compart’s portfolio is technologically outstanding and is well established in the markets. It’s able to ensure effectiveness of the multi-channel communication. Compart’s solutions are very competitive, they complement our portfolio perfectly and meet our customers’ requirements exactly.” The CEO points out that the relationship between Compart and Exímia has been always transparent and constructive. According to Flávio Costa, the alliance allows Exímia to disseminate efficiently their products and services to more customers, showing the innovation potential of the products.

With this partnership, Compart is tapping into yet another lucrative market, again underscoring the company’s international character. Ron Friedman, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Compart: “Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia are strong economies with major sales potential. The need for powerful, scalable and modern solutions for efficient and multi-channel-capable document management is constantly growing in these countries.” As in the other major industrial countries, banks, insurance companies, telecommunications providers, utilities, and public administrations in South America are faced with the challenge of standardizing and digitizing document management as well as making it multichannel-capable. According to the COO, the portfolio from Compart and Exímia precisely meets this need as well as provides for country-specific features. 
“We intentionally chose Exímia as our partner,” continues Ron Friedman, “because the company is one of the leading specialists for professional services. It also boasts proven expertise in finance, insurance, and telecommunications, the very industries we target. Exímia’s addition to our growing partner channel in Latin America.”