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Vizit Announces Custom Annotation Support for its SharePoint add-on Vizit Pro

Vizit Announces Custom Annotation Support for its SharePoint add-on Vizit Pro

Microsoft SharePoint systems integrators can now extend Vizit Pro to include any annotation their customer requires. This significantly enhances the flexibility of Vizit Pro when used in SharePoint document review workflows.

Vizit announces support of custom annotations for Vizit Pro™.

The latest addition to Vizit Pro’s API adds support for custom annotations. Integrators can now register a plugin through PowerShell or a console program with Vizit Pro. Whenever the user selects the custom annotation in the Vizit Pro interface, Vizit Pro passes a .NET graphics object to the associated plugin to draw the result.

“One of the most requested features for Vizit Pro has been custom annotations, unfortunately the broad nature of the requests have made the addition challenging,“ said Paul Yantus, Vizit’s Chief Executive Officer. “This new API extension provides the flexibility integrators need to address any document annotation need in SharePoint.”

The new release, Vizit 6, also adds a SharePoint 2013 site level feature to Vizit Pro for adding a ribbon button and drop down menu item. Vizit Pro now supports hover-over thumbnail previews in SharePoint 2013 document libraries without the need for Vizit Essential. Vizit Pro also has a new full screen thumbnail mode for splitting and merging large documents.

Vizit Pro offers powerful document management and collaboration features creating a more complete SharePoint ECM user experience.