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Neocol Announces New Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management Software

Neocol Announces New Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management Software

SmarterECM™ Brings IBM’s Popular ECM to the Cloud

Neocol has unveiled SmarterECM.com, its new cloud-based enterprise content management platform based upon IBM’s ECM technology. SmarterECM™ is informed by over two years’ analysis of the crucial cloud software needs and uses of business clients. With it, Neocol hopes to meet the growing demand for cloud-based access to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology. SmarterECM™ is the latest development in Neocol’s portfolio of popular cloud solutions utilizing IBM FileNet.

SmarterECM™ offers extensive enterprise content management capabilities while lowering traditional software deployment costs. Cloud-based access to SmarterECM™ bypasses the need for hardware, installation, licenses or maintenance. By reducing these operating costs, Neocol hopes to make ECM more accessible to mid-market businesses.

SmarterECM™ is available in four editions: Professional, Corporate, Enterprise, and Ultimate. The editions include storage, basic document management, search features, auto backup and disaster recovery, and extensive document security. To allow for quick and convenient deployment, Neocol is also offering SmarterECM™ departmental templates for Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Marketing and Sales departments. Various edition features range from mobile access and dynamic advanced search to ad-hoc workflow and advanced case management.

SmarterECM™ is a fully managed environment with a global support desk. While catering to clients, Neocol will also be offering a global partner program, enabling other business solution providers to take better advantage of cloud-based ECM technology.

Neocol’s CEO Ryan Lott says, “As organizations moved to cloud-based software and solutions, they still wanted access to the industry’s best technology. So we have worked with IBM to make this possible. By offering SmarterECM™ in the cloud, not only to our clients but also our colleagues, we believe SmarterECM™ will prove to be a significant development for the entire industry.”

The comprehensive, cloud-based enterprise content management software is designed around the needs and preferences of its users. Neocol’s VP of Sales, Jeff Toren, says, “These multi-tenant ECM environments can be housed in our cloud or the client’s cloud of preference. We understand our users want convenient, cost-effective access to ECM solutions. SmarterECM™ isn’t just smarter content management, it’s smarter software.”