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Xamcor Brings Creative Approach to M&A Deals for Information Management Sector Companies

Xamcor Brings Creative Approach to M&A Deals for Information Management Sector Companies


New firm brings deep understanding of Information Management, a creative financing approach, and its proven ability to drive M&A Deals to companies of all sizes.

Xamcor, Inc. has been formed to provide M&A Services, Financial Strategy Services, and Channel Partnership Development Services to Information Management Solution Companies. Paul Carman, an experienced M&A professional and ECM industry veteran, was today appointed President and CEO of Xamcor.

Xamcor was launched to apply its deep sector understanding, a creative financing approach and its ability to optimize M&A opportunities to drive a compelling strategic fit for its clients. “We have seen dramatic changes in the Information Management Solutions sector, with M&A transactions driving industry consolidation and growth” stated Carman. “In many cases, creative M&A deals and financing has been limited to larger industry companies. With Xamcor, all companies of any size will have access to the same tools and resources that before were limited to the largest companies and transactions.” Xamcor has created a team of industry experts, financial experts and a network of financing specialists who have decades of global experience in building winning companies through its diverse offerings.

Xamcor will operate on the buy side and the sell side, as well as provide strategic advice and help build key industry partnerships. Xamcor is adding best of breed talent to be sure every transaction, no matter what its size, provides maximum benefit to Xamcor’s global clients. As an example, Xamcor has added a financial expert with strong M&A credentials, who will join the company in early January. Xamcor also is announcing the formation of a broad strategic partnership with Harvey Spencer Associates Inc. (http://www.hsassocs.com), the global leader in the Capture and Information Management markets.

“Xamcor embodies the “xtra” effort required to build winning companies well into the 21st century. Our experience, skills, and dedication to our client’s success, will be clearly exhibited in every engagement,” said Carman.

About Xamcor, Inc. – Xamcor is the expert in M&A Deals and Strategic Alliances for Information Management companies. Xamcor is headquartered in the New York City area in Hauppauge, NY, which also will house its East Coast operations. A Las Vegas representative office serves the Western US, with future offices to be set up in key cities throughout the world.