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SpringCM Announces New Work It! Capabilities for Sales and Marketing Teams

SpringCM Announces New Work It! Capabilities for Sales and Marketing Teams

Premiering at Dreamforce, the world’s largest cloud event, SpringCM’s new release boosts productivity of Sales and Marketing teams using Salesforce and other cloud apps

SpringCM® today announced a significant update to the company’s Content Cloud Service. SpringCM has released new features that help Sales and Marketing teams more quickly surface and collaborate on content critical to lead generation, deal closings, contract management, sales presentations and more.

Locating, prepping and processing the right content should never, ever delay or threaten a deal. But most Sales and Marketing teams face this situation on a regular basis. In working to land and close new and renewable revenue, Sales and Marketing teams too often become bogged down trying to locate the right collateral, clean up inaccurate data or chase additional approvals through endless emails. As a result, customers become unhappy or go elsewhere, and enterprises miss clear revenue opportunities.

“SpringCM’s new features make it faster and easier for our Sales and Marketing team to access and use the right content at the right time to produce the right results through Salesforce.  With fast access to revenue-relevant content, our customer facing teams spend more time serving customers and closing deals and much less time searching for the right contract or proposal,” said Marty Ahlijanian of Basho, a provider of public cloud infrastructure and cloud management tools and the developer of Riak open source database.

Do More Than Store & Share Content: Spring It!

SpringCM has developed new innovations to enable Sales and Marketing teams to not simply store and share content but to Work It! This latest release makes it easier and faster for SpringCM customers to make the most of their content, while providing functionality that no other Content Cloud Service provider offers. Some of the important new features include:

  • Content in Context: SpringCM has introduced this first-of-its kind feature that dynamically presents content to an employee based on one or more attributes of the sales opportunity, marketing campaign or support case that team a member is working on. As a result, the user can “start in Salesforce and stay in Salesforce” or another CRM application and avoid old school ECM systems, shared drives or consumer-class cloud storage applications. For example,

o   When a lead changes from prospect stage to proposal stage, SpringCM will present the sales rep with the correct contract for that opportunity based on the product being proposed, geographic location of the prospect or other variable;

o   When a sales rep updates the “competitor” field SpringCM will offer competitive analyses and win-loss reports so reps can immediately assess deal potential; or

o   When a customer or partner enters an online support request through a service portal, SpringCM automatically presents relevant product manuals and knowledge articles, instantly addressing customer needs.

  • Content Comparison and Creation:  SpringCM streamlines side-by-side comparisons of Word document versions by automatically highlighting differences. Employees can quickly identify changes, such a contract modifications, accept or reject them and create a new, third document, dramatically accelerating contract processes. And users can compare documents from smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices, all without having to download additional services.
  • Content Glance: Sales and Marketing teams no longer need to spend time wading through multiple folders trying to identify the right piece of content. SpringCM provides employees a tile preview of content, so they no longer have to hunt-and-peck through multiple items. And SpringCM provides helpful information about the content and a quick view of the first three pages by simply hovering over the file.
  • Content Snap: Sales and Marketing teams can now rapidly create new content from multiple sources, including Microsoft® Office files, images or PDFs, or divide existing content into multiple pieces, often needed for presentation or contract creation. This is easily done through drag-and-drop menus, dramatically accelerating the time to build and deliver proposals, presentations and contracts and keeping the original content files “as is.”
  • Smarter Workflows: Faster approvals mean faster results, and consistent compliance means more predictable business outcomes. With SpringCM, Sales and Marketing managers have been able to easily configure, modify and deploy workflow to their teams so that quotes, proposals and contracts are automatically routed, quickly approved and accurately processed. Now SpringCM has introduced new capabilities to make it even easier for teams to process content properly while leaving SpringCM to manage the complexity. New features include the ability to:

o   Recall and cancel electronic signatures when out-of-date contracts are issued;

o   Automatically write content metadata to a file that can be shared with on-premise systems, including SAP, Oracle and legacy CRM. When contracts, invoices and other content contain non-standard terms, action items or other information, SpringCM makes it easy to share it with a general ledger, CRM, or other system. SpringCM already provides this capability in real time for leading cloud systems such as Salesforce CRM;

o   More rapidly build smart workflows. SpringCM has consolidated common workflow steps to make it easier for Sales and Marketing teams to model and build workflows that align with their enterprise-specific design and their industry-specific compliance needs.

  • Enhanced Notifications: SpringCM now provides team members notifications where they work—within SpringCM’s Notification Center, in Windows or Mac OS bubbles, and/or on the mobile device of their choice. And team members can customize the frequency and aggregation of SpringCM notifications so employees are properly alerted on content most relevant to their work.  From notifications, team members can immediately click to and use relevant content, avoiding lengthy searches to find a needed item or activity.

Salesforce Customers Love the Innovations

SpringCM customers have recently expressed their satisfaction with the new enhancements on the Salesforce App Exchange:

  • “I have created contracts in minutes and sent them out for signatures in three separate countries overseas and had them back in my in-box before I could get a cup of coffee.”
  • “We extensively use Salesforce’s Workspaces already but it doesn’t provide everything we need. SpringCM does give us what’s needed. The #1 feature we love is to be able to update a document from the web without having to manually download it, save it, and upload it. SpringCM allows you to do it with one click.”
  • “We began using SpringCM earlier this year and it’s a great app that does SO much more than just content management…(SpringCM) gives you the ability to create incredibly powerful automation through their workflows. Seamless integration with Salesforce so you can manage your documents without even leaving the SFDC environment.”
  • “As a sales guy I need a cloud based content services solution that I can access from anywhere and SpringCM allows me to do that. Whether it’s accessing my content through my mobile devices or from a remote location, I know I can count on SpringCM to give me the reliability, access, and security of my documents I need.”
  • “(SpringCM) is our complete content management system and we are moving our network files into the cloud. We also have it as our Salesforce content management system for all Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases. It is very easy to use (literally, drag and drop), and quite intuitive.”
  • “Integrated contract creation save reps time; seamless workflows give us an internal approval process to ensure accuracy; digital delivery and e-signature closes deals faster, and electronically storing documents keeps things organized, accessible, and green. We are in a far better place with our contract practices because we partnered with SpringCM. And we’re still just getting started.”

SpringCM Commentary

“Sales teams are tasked with one goal: to sell. But they spend way too much time searching for the ‘right’ content to move a deal forward,” said Ben Kiker, CMO, SpringCM. “Marketing teams then try to step in and help, but they too end up chasing or re-creating content. With this release, we’re helping both teams cross the goal line together in less time. When deals close faster with less stress, everyone’s blood pressure decreases.”

“One of the big challenges Salesforce customers face is streamlining the contracts process,” said Dan Dosen, VP Product Management, SpringCM. “That’s why I’m excited to show how our new capabilities can cut the contract time down to minutes. Catch up with us during Dreamforce and we’ll show you how. We’ll also be showing how SpringCM’s iOS and Android apps can keep contracts moving forward with teams that are constantly on the go.”