Xamcor Inc. has teamed  with select global business partners in various regions of the world to provide you with the best possible service. We have built key relationships and partnerships in diverse areas, including:
  • Global Investment Companies
  • Global Private Equity Firms
  • International Venture Companies
  • Global Marketing Companies
  • International M&A Companies

Our goal is to provide to you with a global network capable of closing M&A deals fast at a valuation right for you. With one contact you will have access to a world of expertise.

Our business partners include: 


Harvey Spencer Associates – specialists in the hardware and software used for classifying and capturing images and data from semi and unstructured data sources using pattern recognition supplemented by business rules – including neural networks, OCR (optical character recognition), OMR, barcode, semantic language understanding, and other associated recognition technologies. 

HSA analyses the worldwide capture software market and provides assistance for Strategic Planning, Technological Direction and Product Positioning.