Mitchell Taube Joins Xamcor as M&A Advisor

Mitch brings experience and service sector expertise to M&A Deals

Xamcor Inc., a leading M&A Brokerage firm serving global information management companies, is pleased to announce that Mitch Taube has joined the firm in the role of M&A Advisor. Mitch will help drive key market initiatives to build on Xamcor’s leading position as an M&A specialist working with digital transformation and Business Process Outsourcing companies.

With over 30 years of experience in in the information management industry, Mitch brings a wealth of various knowledge to his new role. He has founded, built, acquired, and sold multiple companies and served on boards in the industry. Having been through a number of M&A transactions, Mitch can provide insight and guidance to both sellers and buyers based on first-hand experience. Mitch and his partners successfully sold their companies in December 2020 to MetaSource LLC in a transaction brokered by Xamcor.

Paul Carman, the CEO of Xamcor describe Mitch as “a serial entrepreneur who brings a deep understanding of building a service company to maximize its value in the market. His hands-on experience will greatly benefit our clients who are looking to sell and those seeking buying opportunities as well.”

“I look forward to working with Xamcor to help identify M&A opportunities and guide businesses through the complex M&A process with clear, understandable strategic steps for success. It’s a very exciting time to be in the industry”, stated Mitch Taube.

About Xamcor

Xamcor provides value-maximizing and creative M&A solutions to companies in the Information Management industry. With decades of experience in the middle and lower-middle markets, we successfully orchestrate deals for companies looking to grow strategically or maximize their exit strategy. Our team brings IM sector expertise, broad global relationships, and strategic insight that, combined with proven business processes, create a successful track record in achieving superior results for both buyers and sellers.